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Food Champ Rankings


Welcome to the new Food Champ Rankings, presented by the World Food Championships. As we celebrate the cooks, chefs and competition teams that compete throughout the year, around the globe, we will now be able to identify the best of the best when it comes to Food Sport. No more guessing. No more "I'm better than that person." It's all right here, based on key parameters of a person's competition history, victories, top 10s and years of experience in categories that matter most.

Want to find out how you rank? Simple. First, if you've competed in a World Food Championship at any time, the system is free for you to use and start immediately by logging into your account here and completing your WFC Food Sport Ranking Profile! Then our staff will review your answers and approve (or ask for clarifications) by the next release of the rankings, which will be updated each Wednesday at Noon EST.

That's all there is it to it! Except for the weekly guessing game on who will join, and who will move up the ranks! And of course, who will live up to their potential and perform well enough to win at the 2017 Championships, where it matters most!!!

Rank Competitor Location Score
Joe Boettcher
Home Cook
Nashville, TN 30
Chef Category
Lawrenceville, GA 23.75