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Welcome to World Food Championships!

Where foodies can truly "Experience It All!" at the World Food Championships, located this year in Celebration - the Heart of Kissimmee, Florida! Here you will find all the opportunities to join in the fun, the tasty morsels, the learning sessions, the mixology pairings and more! You can meet Celebrity Chefs, mingle with World Food Champions, and feel the excitement of the Championships' Competitors as they vie to become the 2015 World Food Champion! And don't miss out on the Chef's Challenge as the pros go head-to-head for a Southern Pride smoker in an intense, skills-based and mystery basket challenge!

Experience the Fun! Cook. Eat. Drink. Compete.

This year, you will find experiences for families, kids and adults - with Family Food Nights and Adult Mixology! There are plenty of events which are FREE to the public, as well as exclusive events that bring you close to the recipes, the chefs and the tasting sensations! There's something for EVERYONE! Above all — make sure YOU are in the Kenmore Kitchen Arena when the action begins for the 2015 World Food Championships! This is the place where 500 Culinary Champions will bring to life the biggest food tournament in the world! At no charge to you!

While you can, take advantage of our Early Bird Pricing and lock in your ringside seat for the most exciting event in food!