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Volunteer Registration

Are you interested in volunteering at the 2016 World Food Championships? There are a number of different tasks and opportunities for volunteers at our event. Interested parties should complete the contact form below. We will begin confirming volunteers on a rolling basis, beginning June 30.

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Sunday, Nov 6

Monday, Nov 7

Tuesday, Nov 8

During event:

Wednesday, Nov 9

Thursday, Nov 12

Friday, Nov 11

Saturday, Nov 12

Sunday, Nov 13

Monday, Nov 14

Please select the positions you are interested in volunteering (select all that apply):

Do you have any food service licenses?:

If Yes, please describe:

Please list any information or additional skills you have related to the volunteer positions.

Please complete the following survey as part of your registration.
It is required for consideration.

When thinking about The World Food Championships, which brands come to mind?

How would you describe your overall opinion about each of the following home appliance brands? Please select one response per row.

  Very Favorable Somewhat Favorable Neutral Somewhat Unfavorable Very Unfavorable Not Familiar With Brand
GE Profile
Kenmore Elite
Electrolux Pro
Kenmore Pro

As you may or may not know, Kenmore is a sponsor of the 2016 World Food Championships (WFC). During WFC you will be using Kenmore appliances in the Kenmore Kitchen Arena. Now knowing this, does Kenmore's association with the World Food Championships change your opinion of the Kenmore brand overall? Please select one response.

How does Kenmore's sponsorship of The World Food Championships change your interest in purchasing Kenmore brand appliances? Please select one response.

Which of the following attributes best describes how you feel about Kenmore's association with The World Food Championships? Please select all that apply.

Which of the following attributes, if any, best describes you? Please select all that apply.

How likely are you to tell your friends and family about your experience using Kenmore products at The World Food Championships? Please select one response.

Please select your level of culinary training/experience. Please select one response.

What is your age? Please select one response.

For the last three years, Kenmore has been 'the only appliance brand trusted by The World Food Championships' because it can withstand the tough conditions of the Kenmore Kitchen Arena. Please list any additional comments or suggestions for the Kenmore team about the event.